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Saw something today that made me wish I was truly art-y. Woman walking towards me and from a distance, I couldn't tell what it was but it reminded me of a quiver of arrows peeking over her shoulder. As she got closer, I realized that she had what must have been a largish bouquet of long stemmed spring early summer flowers in her back pack.

All I could think of when I realized that it was blossoms was that that was a strange way to fletch arrows. Just think of the ways in which someone could illustrate Tolkien archers bringing back spring/summer goodies for some kind of celebration. I mean imagine Legalos, Haldir and brothers, Glorfindil, Erestor, and maybe Faramir clearing the horizon, bows in hand and large blossoms flowing up and over their heads.
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Have to giggle and giggle! Saw a promotional for a "new" Disney movie and thought I have to go see this one---go looking it up and guess whose in it? Karl Urban. I'm amazed at how many movies that reach out and grab me have him in it. And sometimes I say, 'o, that's Eomer.' And everyone else is NO until we see the credits. (That particular cousin is a Riddick fan who took me to see star trek's first movie.....just dawns that maybe why she hasn't taken me since.
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I am in serious need for a kitty cat nose to rub.

my tablet does not understand when I pet icons and photos
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Never suggested I was the bright bulb: just saw it--- imp lied.
You know like Azz of u and me...
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the Lord is good to me

I have failed a time or three trying to share my life with the world; but I just have to sing loud and long:

Early in October I was diagnosed with breast cancer, invasive lobular cancer. On November 10th I had a right mastectomy, today they removed the drains and the stitches and gave me the lab report: clean margins, no cancer in the lymph nodes, and only sarcoid granulomas in the tested skin flap. This means no chemotherapy and no radiation. God has blest me so so much.

Thank you to all who kept me in their prayers.
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fan fiction: rpf

Years ago, when Princess Diana was killed I promised myself that I would never again participate in invading public persons private lives; this is why I really, REALLY, really wish that authors would not drop rpfs into anthologies without labeling them. It has even caused me to quit reading some authors that are decent writers. Sorry just a little ticked.
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10 years

Just a quick wish: Hoping that each and all who were affected by Katrina have found blessings and roads forward from that disaster.
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not so dear hacker

Not so dear hacker,
When I complained about the lack of posting happening on live journal I was not referring to you. As far as I know I have not placed you on MY friends list, so fly away, please. Thank you, in advance.